Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mike Murdock | Pulpit Pimp Strikes Back

Mike Murdock | Mike Murdock Pulpit Pimp Strikes Back

Trey Smith Explains the Safe Robbery of Mike Murdock.

Murdock | Strike of a Pulpit Pimp. I noticed that a lot of Google Ad Words have popped up surrounding the name Mike Murdock? I have been a supporter of Trey Smith's Thieves since I first saw it (Story of the Mike Murdock safe robbery). Even more so after I read it. Its a good book yes. But more than that, to me, it involves the exploits of exactly what its titled, One dirty TV Pastor (Mike Murdock) and the man who robbed him. Anyhow, back to the Google Ad Words, it is interesting to watch the fights behind the scenes about this book. I can notice that Murdock gets his web people in high gear every time a blog or page or article of any kind really starts taking ranks in the search results. I fear though, having read the book myself, that Murdock's largest problem in this is that his ex-safe robber actually can write a damn good book, even if someone had never heard of Murdock or his buddies like Benny Hinn. It must make his supporters either nervous or curious whenever articles about Trey Smith or Thieves poke their head onto the first page of the search results, which is what happened yesterday. Today the same pages were covered with Mike Murdock "How Wonderful Art I" advertisements.

I saw someone say in a post that Mike Murdock simply wasn't paying attention to the book. Yea right Mike. Funny though, I saw another post that said Murdock was dying his beard black now because vendor issues were turning him gray.

So I'm bias and probably don't make for a fair review. But I still like watching it. I'm holding my chair for the moment Murdock can no longer swat it off with Google Ad Words and pricey web people. That being the case, why don't I stick in a video review of the Mike Murdock Safe robbery book Thieves.

Trey Smith's latest video blog is called Trey's Nutshell. There are a couple of videos there worth the few minute watch. One titled Rise of the Dark Faith, a history of how Mike Murdock & others do what they do. and the other video Mike Murdock | Mike Murdock Scam | Safe Robbery, a video obviously about the safe robbery and why the book exists.

This book is most definitely relevant for anyone who has given money to Mike Murdock.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NEWS: Mike Murdock response for Trey Smith

NEWS and Review: Mike Murdock, Trey Smith and the TV Pastor Safe Robbery. blog by Devon 

The TV pastor Mike Murdock has not formally made any response, or denial for that matter, to a book titled Thieves by Trey Smith. Initially, Mike Murdock, through representatives on his behalf, attempted communications with Trey Smith with the presumed intent to "hush" the content of Thieves. Trey Smith reports that he did not accept correspondence from Mike Murdock, nor will he (Trey) accept any financial deal that would benefit the silence surrounding Murdock's sexual affairs in exchange for ministry corvettes, the pet lion he owned that would growl at him, the speakers he installed in 24 trees at his secluded mansion so he could walk around and "listen to himself singing to himself," the fraud committed against mass volumes of low-income donors to finance Mike Murdock's "private lifestyle," the insurance fraud it appears was committed after the claimed "TV Pastor Safe Robbery," the IRS fraud (likely ongoing), the Master's Porn Collection kept in the TV minister's bedroom closet behind three electronically locked doors (some of the pornographic material homemade), and the rampages upon which Mike Murdock breaks and violently smashes valuables (like grand pianos) in the downstairs of his mansion when angry, or, notably, after sex with those defined as, "Care Package Mistresses." Etc. Etc. Etc.

Mike Murdock currently calls Trey Smith .... "The Evil One, The Enemy, The Liar, The Deceiver, The Destroyer of God Given Success....." Yet, Murdock refuses to confront Trey on any public venue and resorts to attempt private third party communications. It is obviously presumed that this is because the minister, and his advisors, feel that Mike Murdock would not fend well if he had to submit himself to public scrutiny, the truth surrounding the contents of the Thieves book, or, dare I say, Trey Smith himself. It seems their strategy is silence in the hopes that the media will not bring the issues to Murdock's doorstep. 

Here is an email that I received from Trey Smith: (PS: I read Thieves and it was incredible. As far as true stories go, there is nothing like it. I could not put the book down. From the petty rebellions of Trey and his best friend Jason (Mike Murdock's son), to them taking out ministry limos to party with girls and use drugs, to all of the intensity that comes as you go darker and deeper into Murdock's world, to the safe robbery, to Trey Smith on the run from the TV pastor in Mexico, ...... WOW ..... It just doesn't let up for 340 pages. That is my opinion. You are welcome to form your own. 

Ok, Here is the email I promised: 

This is Trey Smith. I am the author of the book:

Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him.
Trey Smith's book Thieves. It's a ride.
Basically, 13 yrs. ago I was best friends with the son of the TV pastor Mike Murdock. And, Mike Murdock is one of the wealthiest men in Christian television, quite possibly also one of the very most corrupt. We are talking jet planes, limos, ministry corvettes as gratuities for the extremely gorgeous women he was sleeping with, a secluded mansion with exotic animals in the lawn, even a pet lion. Mike Murdock has been doing this now 45 yrs. (if you count his first claimed sermon at the age of 9). He would plot with his "spin-doctor" staff advisors on how to "harvest" low-income people into continual monthly profits (just to give you a heads up ---- he works the most closely with claimed faith healer Benny Hinn and Daystar Christian television founder Marcus Lamb).
Anyhow, as pretty as all that may sound, it is a dark world behind the tall security fences of ivory tower Christianity ---- it was for me anyhow. The sex, the drugs, the manipulation, the constant explanation to the desperate that "God is just testing them, they need to give a little stronger for a little longer." etc.... etc.... etc.......Even with all the drugs, it can honestly be hard to look people in the eyes when you know you are involved in what is breaking their lives.
I ended up breaking myself...... so I robbed the evangelist Mike Murdock. I committed the so-called "TV pastor safe robbery." I ran to Mexico ----- Then, I wrote a book about every last detail of all of it ---- the parties, the greed, the robbery, the safe, my years on the run, why I didn't go to prison..... everything. I put my life on the examining table. Even as embarrassing..... Wait, let me rephrase that --- Humiliating as some of it is, it is the truth. Even if the truth offends some people --- which apparently it has ---- this is important to me.
I would like to know what you think? I would like you to read Thieves and respond to me. I do reply to emails ---- even the harsh ones. You can get Thieves from me, you can get it from Amazon, you can get it from Barnes & Noble, you can get it from anyone you wish ....... But, I would like to know what you think when you finish; if you are willing to give me the time and honor of your response? 

This is Trey Smith. Thank you for reading.

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